The Jordan Harbinger Show Team

Head Loud Mouth



Jordan Harbinger is the host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, and the main voice you hear on the podcast. As a recovering lawyer who speaks 5 languages and two-time kidnapee, Jordan brings his unique background and personality to every episode of the show. But he doesn’t do it by himself. Jordan is surrounded by a phenomenal team that brings The Jordan Harbinger Show to life.




Gabriel Mizrahi is a screenwriter, yogi, and vegan, among other Hollywood clichés. Bafflingly, he and Jordan have been the best of friends for years. When Gabriel’s not developing movies, he’s producing Feedback Friday and making Jordan sound smart by crafting the articles you see here on the site and in publications globally.

Scribble Wrangler


Assoc. Producer

Bob Fogarty creates notes and worksheets for every episode of The Jordan Harbinger Show. Working while others sleep, Bob can be found replacing Oxford commas and making obscure literary references at all hours of the day and night. Typos, beware: Bob will hunt you down without mercy and end you.

Queen Bee



Jen Harbinger manages The Jordan Harbinger Show and business that supports it. She also happens to be Jordan’s wife, and mother to Jayden. Not only does she keep Jordan in line, she coordinates the team and produces every episode of the podcast. Jen always has the audience in mind, because she was a show fan before she and Jordan ever met.

Sonic Strategist


Audio Engineer

Jase Sanderson is the reason you never hear a cough, sneeze, or other background noise on the show. He’s been a producer, composer, and audio engineer for over 20 years. On The Jordan Harbinger Show, Jase ensures the mix is perfect for every single episode of the show. And there are a lot of episodes.

Can-Do Agent



Millie Ocampo creates detailed transcriptions for each episode of The Jordan Harbinger Show. Millie is a stay-at-home mom who brings her years of expertise in medical transcriptions to the podcast industry, so that show listeners can download and read every single episode of the show.