The Jordan Harbinger Show Team

Head Loud Mouth



Jordan Harbinger is the host of The Jordan Harbinger Show. A recovering lawyer, wanna-be journalist, and the main voice on the podcast, Jordan brings his experiences and personality to every episode of the show. More about Jordan on the About page. For now, read on to discover the rest of the team who has made this show one of the most popular podcasts in the world for the last decade-and-a-half.



Head of Editorial

Gabriel Mizrahi is a screenwriter, yogi, and vegetarian, among other Hollywood clichés. Bafflingly, he and Jordan have been the best of friends for years, and when Gabriel’s not shooting a movie with legendary performers, he’s making Jordan sound creative and intelligent by crafting the articles and written pieces you see here on the site and in publications globally.

Night Owl


Scribble Wrangler

Bob Fogarty crafts the notes and worksheets for every episode of the show. Usually working while others are asleep, Bob can be found replacing Oxford commas and making obscure literary references at all hours of the day and night. Typos, beware: Bob Fogarty will hunt you down without mercy and end you.

Queen Bee



Jen Harbinger is the wife to Jordan and the COO of everything that happens here on the show and the business that’s behind it. Aside from keeping Jordan honest, she coordinates the team and directs the course of every episode, always with the needs of the audience in mind — as she has been a listener herself since before she even met Jordan.

Sonic Strategist


Audio Engineer

Jase Sanderson is the reason the show sounds good. Like really, really good. Ever wonder why nobody ever coughs, sneezes, clears their throat, breathes weird, or has any background noise on the show? No siren, cat, dog, child, gust of wind, or weird mouth noise stands a chance with Jase cleaning up the acoustic messes everyone’s dumped in his lap.

Special Agent Can-Do


Transcription Wizard

Millie Ocampo is a stay-at-home mom who has years of experience in medical transcriptions. On a call received for a mission to venture into the podcast world, she made a decision to go out of her comfort zone and expand skills beyond her field. Wonder who’s behind the transcripts of our amazing episodes as well as providing additional support to the team? Well, that’s her, our secret agent who’s always on the go!