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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • The idea of having children with your partner out of wedlock might not matter to society as much as it used to, but it might matter more to your partner than is apparent.
  • You don’t always need to see your doctor waving a huge red flag in order to seek a second opinion, but here’s a great example of one if you’re wondering what such a red flag might look like.
  • Even though the relationship you’ve had with your high school sweetheart for nearly 10 years is strong, you can’t help but wonder if your partner’s desire to explore and experience other people would break you up for good or bring you closer in the long run.
  • During childhood, your spouse was sexually abused by a family member. Not everyone in the family knows this, and now that family member will be present at future holidays and gatherings. If your spouse doesn’t want to speak up, what can you do?
  • Getting from the beginning to the end of a personal anecdote can be a struggle when you don’t feel like you’ve mastered the art of storytelling. How do you get better at honing your storytelling chops?
  • You know it’s a bad idea to pursue a romance or relationship with someone at the office (especially when you’re the boss), but you can’t deny there’s an attraction between you and someone there. So how do you cool things off before this becomes a real problem?
  • If you’re a new teacher — or someone who frequently needs to speak in front of people — how do you address the overwhelming feedback that your voice is too quiet?
  • How can you convey remorse about an on-the-job transgression for which you need to atone on a professional level?
  • Tank’s Good News: Hands-Only CPR’s ‘Keep The Beat’ 100 BPM Playlist by American Heart Association on Spotify
  • Recommendation of the Week: Quincy
  • Quick shoutout to Taylor Fischer in Las Vegas!
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