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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • If you’re a lightweight, how can you pace yourself on a night out with heavily drinking coworkers without getting blackout drunk?
  • What resources do we recommend for building proper financial habits from the ground up?
  • How can you accept a new sales job that will have you directly competing with your old coworkers in a small market without feeling like a jerk?
  • If you’re replaying negative feelings and thoughts of lost relationships in your head during moments of weakness in an otherwise fulfilling life, how might you break this habit and move on?
  • When you’re dating someone of high value who gets a lot of attention from the opposite sex, how do you keep your feelings of jealousy at bay?
  • When you’re the sole breadwinner for the family, how can you take time out for yourself to cope with internal struggles without disrupting the lives of your loved ones?
  • When you’re the boss’ kid, how do you prove to your coworkers that you consider yourself equal to everyone and capable of doing the job on your own merits?
  • How do you approach your competitors in a small market when doing market research?
  • Recommendation of the Week: How to get free Sunglass Hut cleaning spray refills for life.
  • Quick shoutouts to Diana and Zach!
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