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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Do the re-engagement scripts we recommend in Six-Minute Networking ever grow stale? Don’t people notice when they receive the same lines every year to stay in touch?
  • Is there a way to tame the emotional outbursts you have whenever you receive criticism — even when it’s constructive and warranted?
  • How should you handle that old school friend who always says “yes” to a coffee but never, ever buys you one back?
  • How do you look for another job while still employed when your current job leaves you so depressed, anxious, and emotionally drained?
  • Is it reasonable to suspect that the person who left someone else to be with you might now be cheating on you with someone else?
  • How can you help your star employee stop overextending personal care toward clients when you know she’s already stressed out with her own problems that should be addressed?
  • Even though it mathematically makes sense to invest when returns are higher than the interest rate on the debt you’re trying to pay off, is it the right move?
  • What can you do to make the most of an awkward intro to someone at the top of your field so you can turn it into a solid new professional connection?
  • Tank’s Good News of the Week: The Crayon Initiative
  • Quick shoutouts to Tony Levero and his spicy Latina wife, and American Dream University!
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