Last week you texted your parents to let them know you’d be able to make it home for Christmas this year. They called back to tell you how they decided several years ago to buy a boat. The only problem was that they didn’t have the $20,000 to buy it. Their solution? Take out a student loan in your name, of course! Now they’ve missed several payments and it’s about to default, and your father had the nerve to say, “If you’re going to make a big deal about this, it’s best if you don’t come home this year.” In shock and ‘about’ $25,000′ in debt, you’re wondering if you should sue your parents for identity theft. On this Feedback Friday, we’ll do our best to help you figure out not only if, but how to sue your parents for identity theft if you decide it’s the right thing to do.

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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Interested in doing some prison time with Jordan next February? It’s filling up fast; reach out to for details!
  • Your parents are about to default on a $20,000 student loan they took out in your name without permission so they could buy a boat. So now the question is not only if, but how to sue your parents for identity theft and make sure you’re not on the hook for their mistake.
  • This year, your sister bought plentiful gifts for your oldest and youngest kids, but shorted the middle one considerably. You don’t want to appear ungrateful, but what can you do to make it clear how this is going to play out for Jan Brady on Christmas morning?
  • You have trouble connecting and communicating with people and cultures outside your own. You’re a science-y, city type struggling with social skills, and your work brings you into contact with a more rural demographic. How can you bridge the gap?
  • Because you compete in beauty pageants, some make incorrect assumptions about your intelligence. How can you build your professional identity and network as a future physician without having to hide your personal interests and accomplishments?
  • You’re in a small market and want to get noticed by potential mentors or hiring managers outside of your geographic location. What thoughts or strategies do we have for moving up the corporate ladder?
  • Your recent college graduate son is an introvert with Asperger-like qualities when it comes to interpersonal skills. When you bring up networking as a way to get ahead in his new career, he shuts down and exits the conversation. How can you best support his progress?
  • You’re starting to plan your work travel for next year. How do we decide what conferences and events are worth our time when we’re making our travel plans?
  • You hate winter so much because of the cold, the dark, and the holidays. You get depressed and stressed, and basically hibernate. What do we recommend for people with past abuse for whom the holidays turn into a deep, dark, angry depression?
  • Life Pro Tip: If you have aging parents, go through their bills with them and make sure they’re paying fair market price for things like cable and energy.
  • Recommendation of the Week: Unnatural Selection
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