Jordan Harbinger Leaves Art of Charm

Jordan Harbinger Leaves Art of Charm

Jordan Harbinger has left The Art of Charm. In 2018, after being asked to make decisions that were poor for the business and its clients, Jordan Harbinger decided he’d had enough and that The Art of Charm’s goals were no longer aligned with his own. In Jordan’s opinion, the business had gone from client-focused to yet-another-Internet-information-product business which put the owners’ lifestyle first. Content creation, service, and integrity took a back seat.

Jordan attempted to negotiate an amicable split from The Art of Charm, and “AJ Harbinger” (real name = Andrew Kaczorowski [yep, that’s right, AJ Harbinger is not Jordan Harbinger’s brother; he’s just using Jordan’s last name!]) attempted to terminate Jordan’s employment. Jordan Harbinger resigned from the board of The Art of Charm and began The Jordan Harbinger Show along with a new company comprised partly of The Art of Charm’s former marketing, podcast, and client service/administrative team members who had left once Jordan was removed from the business.

Once The Jordan Harbinger Show quickly began to eclipse The Art of Charm podcast, The Art of Charm’s revenues and reputation took a massive hit, prompting a lawsuit from The Art of Charm against Jordan Harbinger. Jordan, still as 1/3rd owner of The Art of Charm, Inc., counter-sued for breach of fiduciary duty, among other causes of action. The lawsuit is pending litigation.

Meanwhile, The Jordan Harbinger Show has grown larger than The Art of Charm podcast ever was, profitability is at record highs, and, unsurprisingly, The Art of Charm continues to struggle. Lawsuits against the company were also filed by several other parties — including on behalf of over a dozen contractors The Art of Charm, Inc. hired, terminated, and refused to pay, and on behalf of PodcastOne, whose contract was breached by The Art of Charm. Another employee — hired after Jordan Harbinger’s departure — was also terminated without pay, contrary to California labor and employment laws.

Most all of The Art of Charm’s strategic advisors also terminated their relationships with the company upon Jordan Harbinger’s departure.

The good news is, since you’re on this page, you’ve already found the winning team. Click here to go to the homepage and see what’s new with Jordan Harbinger and The Jordan Harbinger Show.