Jordan Harbinger Wife? Here Jordan Harbinger Wife! Her Jen! You Welcome!

Jordan Harbinger Wife

Okay, okay, so you want to know about my wife, Jen Harbinger. I get it: you’re curious, you hear about her on the show, you know she’s gotta be something special to put up with me, etc. We’re on the same page for sure.

Fine, then. Here you go…

Jen and I met on Twitter, which is admittedly ridiculous. She was a fan of the show, and listened often with her brother. We met in Los Angeles and moved to get away from AJ Harbinger (real name = Andrew Kaczorowski) and The Art of Charm, which was quickly turning into a toxic disaster of epic proportions. We moved to San Francisco, bought a house and a couple of cats.

There’s a picture above just for you — because we all know darn well that’s really why you came to this page!

If you have any other questions beyond “Jordan Harbinger wife,” click here and hit the contact form. Jen will be the one who probably responds, anyway!

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