Shaun T (@ShaunT) has become one of the most recognizable fitness trainers in the world while running programs like Hip Hop Abs, Insanity, and Shaun Week. He’s also the author of T Is for Transformation: Unleash the 7 Superpowers to Help You Dig Deeper, Feel Stronger, and Live Your Best Life.

What We Discuss with Shaun T:

  • Why Shaun T believes in living life with truth, trust, and transparency after decades of hiding in the closet about his sexuality — and how most of us are in the closet about something whether we realize it or not.
  • What Shaun uncovered about his own patterns of behavior by going to therapy.
  • Looking at our life as a series of turning points, and how we can use those turning points to continue moving forward.
  • Using our anger to motivate us instead of hold us down.
  • Why we often keep ourselves down so others around us won’t get angry or jealous.
  • And much more…

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Shaun T is a world-renowned health and fitness expert, TV host, motivator, and creator of the best-selling fitness programs Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Focus T25, Insanity Max 30, Cize, and the newly released Shaun Week. On the publication of T Is for Transformation: Unleash the 7 Superpowers to Help You Dig Deeper, Feel Stronger, and Live Your Best Life, Shaun can now add author to his impressive list of professions.

On this episode, Shaun talks about unpacking issues from your closet, using anger and discomfort to change, and why having a big windshield is important. He also talks about personal issues like coming out as gay and the impact his grandmother had on his way of thinking.

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More About This Show

As someone who’s in front of the camera a lot, motivational speaker, fitness juggernaut, choreographer, television personality, and T Is for Transformation: Unleash the 7 Superpowers to Help You Dig Deeper, Feel Stronger, and Live Your Best Life author Shaun T doesn’t have time to act. If you meet him offstage, he’s going to be the same person you saw onstage. He chalks this up to being comfortable with himself, flaws and all.

“One of the greatest joys about life is that not everybody’s going to like you,” says Shaun. “You can literally be the nicest person in the world, and there will be people that don’t like you. So if you can look in the mirror and like yourself, then that’s the only person that needs to like you.”

Shaun wasn’t always this way. As a gay man who lived most of his life in the closet, he understands what it’s like to pretend to be somebody else for the sake of others. After a while, the charade grows tiresome. But he also insists we’ve all experienced life in the closet about something — if not our sexuality, then some other secret we try to keep from the world for some reason or another. It takes effort to avoid having to explain ourselves to people.

“It’s such hard work to try and act like something that you’re not that you should really just be who you are,” Shaun says. “It’s okay to be vulnerable, and it’s okay not to lie about who you are. Because the more you show of yourself, the more people are going to relate to you on a deeper level.”

Anger as Motivation

“A lot of people have this struggle,” says Shaun, “because they get really mad or frustrated that they don’t get results. My biggest, and one of my favorite analogies to give is on the tennis court. A lot of times, when people play tennis, when they go to hit the ball, they stop swinging because they want to get the ball in and they become really tense and really tight. Then what happens is they don’t finish the swing and the ball goes flying.”

When we have a legitimate reason to get mad about something, most people close to us might try to calm us down or hold back. Shaun, on the other hand, believes in channeling anger when it arises so we can understand it, work through it, and let it out rather than bottling it up and letting it hold sway over us for even longer.

“You know what? Be mad. Understand what that emotion is, because if you actually connect to that emotion of crying or anger, you’re more apt to understand where it’s coming from,” Shaun says.

Listen to this episode in its entirety to learn about how Shaun T eventually came out to his family, how being open about his lifestyle has helped open the minds of people who were previously judgmental, What Shaun means when he says you get stronger by unpacking the baggage rather than shoving it in the closet, how Shaun has coped with memories of childhood abuse, what Shaun does to keep personal drama out of his professional life, what we can gain when we search out the shame, the discomfort development plan, weighing risk versus reward, and lots more.


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