The Jordan Harbinger Show Disclaimer: Always Gotta CYA

The Jordan Harbinger Show is designed to help listeners and readers obtain information and discuss ways to make career and personal decisions. This information is sometimes provided by our staff and sometimes by other contributors, many of whom write in using anonymous email addresses or names, and are people we’ve never even met.

We recognize that while we have tons of great stuff on the site and on the show, people sometimes send us things or make statements in messages that are misleading, deceptive, or downright wrong. They may do this unintentionally or, sad to say, intentionally.

Treat the contributors here and on the show the same way you’d treat anyone you’d met for the first time at a party. This is important because anyone can show up to our party: no invitations are required. You wouldn’t quit your job, dump or divorce anyone, get yourself into hot water, or make an investment just because some stranger (or even a friend) talks it up; you shouldn’t treat cyberspace any differently.

The fundamental concept is that you should not rely upon the information or opinions you read or hear from one single source. Rather, you should use what you hear and read from us as starting points for doing independent research of your own. Then, judge for yourself the merits of the material that has been shared here and on the show.

Jordan Harbinger LLC and The Jordan Harbinger Show does not guarantee the veracity, reliability or completeness of any information provided on the show, the site, or in any hyperlink appearing on our site. No one could read through the thousands of messages we receive each day, check out all the hyperlinked websites and their sub-pages, and research each for accuracy. That isn’t even why we’re here. Nor are we here to give you hot stock “tips,” to make “buy” or “sell” recommendations, dole out therapy, counseling, medical or legal advice, or to tell you what to do with your life, your money, or your career. We’re here to help you learn how to make better decisions for yourself, and to have fun with the process.

You are responsible for your own decisions. The Jordan Harbinger Show and Jordan Harbinger LLC will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in articles or postings, podcasts, for hyperlinks embedded in messages, emails, show notes or articles, or for any results obtained from the use of such information. The Jordan Harbinger Show and Jordan Harbinger LLC will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a reader’s reliance on information obtained in our area, or in a hyperlinked area. If you don’t accept this responsibility for yourself, then you should not use or listen to The Jordan Harbinger Show.

If you ignore our advice to do independent research, choosing instead to execute solely on information from one source, even if that source is our show or website, you have made a conscious, willing, free, and personal decision to do so. You have also probably made a mistake.

As cyberspace develops, the freedom and openness from which we all profit can make us the target of touts, hypesters, and frauds. These people could infect our website or the content of the show, just as they infect other parts of the world. Please proceed with caution and do your homework. And remember: when you access one of these hyperlinked websites, you’re leaving our area. So be wary of hyperlinks to strange websites. If something doesn’t look right (websites and domains expire, and sites get hacked or change their content all the time), close the window and retreat to the safety of the familiar.

We promise not to lie to or deliberately mislead you, but we reserve the right to be wrong or just plain stupid.

Terms of Service Violations

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