Gabriel Mizrahi (@GabeMizrahi) joins us to deep dive into the elusive subject of purpose — why you’re not finding it as easily as the so-called experts say you should be, and why you should be following meaning to purpose instead of picking a purpose and hoping it’s full of meaning.

What We Discuss with Gabriel Mizrahi:

  • The difference between purpose and meaning.
  • Why reverse-engineering meaning from purpose is harder (and far less effective) than finding purpose through meaning.
  • What an ER nurse taught Gabriel about the surprising ways meaning can manifest.
  • Why you should be suspicious of what The Cult of Purpose is trying to sell you.
  • The best ways to naturally follow meaning to purpose without forcing an expectation of what that purpose is.
  • And much more…

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A few years back, researchers conducted a major study on Americans’ well-being. When asked if their lives have a clear sense of purpose, only one in five Americans strongly agreed. When asked if they have a good sense of what makes their lives meaningful, only one in three strongly agreed.

And when the researchers asked participants if they’ve discovered a satisfying life purpose, nearly 40% of people reported that they hadn’t. In this deep dive, we’ll explore the disconnection between meaning and purpose and what we can do to find purpose naturally rather than trying to force it from a distorted perspective. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

To dive even deeper into what you can do to organically find your purpose,
make sure to read this episode’s companion article here: Struggling to Find Your Purpose? Do This Instead. by Jordan Harbinger.

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To dive even deeper into finding your purpose through meaning, make sure to read this episode’s companion article here: Struggling to Find Your Purpose? Do This Instead.


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