Gabriel Mizrahi (@GabeMizrahi) joins us for this deep dive into why a lot of self-help makes you feel miserable by design and what you can do to improve yourself without being suckered by hucksters or succumbing to an existential meltdown.

What We Discuss with Gabriel Mizrahi:

  • Why so-called “self-help” often makes you feel worse about yourself than before you sought it.
  • How to separate actionable self-help from motivational “hustle porn” designed to prompt emotions and elicit sales.
  • Why those inspirational bromides you’re seeing all over Instagram might goad you into short-term action, but won’t do much for you over the long haul.
  • Striving to improve yourself is admirable and encouraged — just don’t get suckered into the myth that there’s a finish line.
  • How to consume genuine self-help without being miserable while avoiding the big business con-artistry that pervades this space.
  • And much more…

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You’re finally taking steps to become the best version of yourself? That’s great! But is the self-help advice you’re following really geared toward ensuring your improvement over time, or is it simply a carefully crafted marketing scheme that’s tantamount to emotional extortion — designed to keep you tethered to some program, product, or guru indefinitely while eyeing a mythical finish line of perfection that you’ll never see?

In this episode, we’ll explore why a lot of so-called “self-help” advice you’ll find saturating the shelves of every bookstore and corner of social media is more of an invitation to co-dependence on what someone’s selling than an actionable course of positive change — and how you can tell the two apart. As this is a deep dive, Gabriel Mizrahi joins us to guide the way. Listen, learn and enjoy!

To dive even deeper into why striving to improve yourself shouldn’t simultaneously make you feel lousy about yourself, make sure to read this episode’s companion article here: How to Self-Help Without Feeling Terrible by Jordan Harbinger.

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