Evan Goldberg (@NetSuite) is the cofounder and Executive Vice President of Oracle NetSuite, which has grown from a small office above a hair salon into a global organization that now works with more than 18,000 customers in 200+ countries and dependent territories.

What We Discuss with Evan Goldberg:

  • Why Evan made the move from his cozy, vice presidential office at Oracle to helm his own startup in early cloud technologies.
  • The important lessons Evan learned on the smaller scale of a startup that address the needs of a much larger business like Oracle NetSuite.
  • What Larry Ellison and Evan understood about the potential for cloud technologies in ’99 that even the visionary Steve Jobs had trouble seeing at first.
  • Why you might want to pay attention to the enthusiasm the guy in the Lexus LFA has for your product idea and implementation when you have trouble seeing over the dashboard of your Honda minivan.
  • Why a small business owner who researched NetSuite Oracle a decade or so ago and dismissed it as too expensive might be able to reconsider it as an option today.
  • And much more…

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Jordan met up with Oracle NetSuite‘s Evan Goldberg at Oracle OpenWorld 2019 to talk about the sometimes surprising trajectory of success, the desire to “bring order to chaos” that detoured into a software startup for early cloud technologies, and how Oracle NetSuite was informed by the lessons Evan learned from this detour to create something even Steve Jobs wasn’t sure the world needed, but now depends on. Listen, learn, and enjoy this short bonus episode!

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