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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Is it wrong to be mad at your recently widowed parent for proposing to a rebound fling just six months after the funeral?
  • You’re sick of picking up the slack for your 70-year-old coworker who chooses not to retire. What should you do?
  • How do you rebuild your business when your last 10 years has suddenly pulled out from under you? We might have some advice.
  • As a job seeker, when is the right time to disclose that you have regular medical needs that require creative scheduling?
  • We’ve talked about the wrong reasons to move, but what are some of the right reasons? When do the pros outweigh the cons?
  • How do you shake the feeling of playing second fiddle when you’re pretty sure you’re the ugly friend in a two-person dynamic?
  • You seem to be the only one in your neighborhood concerned about environmental apocalypse. How do you lead by example without blowing a gasket?
  • What meaningful gifts can you get for mentors — or anyone else for that matter — who already seem to have everything they need?
  • Life Pro Tip: When responding to advice, say “You’re right” instead of “I know.” It shows that you’re actually listening to someone, that you care about what they say, and give them credit for trying to help.
  • Recommendation of the Week: Leaving Neverland
  • Quick shoutouts to people Jordan met at Podfest and SXSW!
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