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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Your brother in law is a narcissist with a bad case of PLOM (Poor Little Old Me) Disease and is clearly in the mindset to cheat on your sister — if he hasn’t already. Is it your place to warn her even though it’ll devastate the family?
  • Is it your fault that you — and the rest of your coworkers — are always disappointing your boss because you never seem to be able to read her mind and discern her intentions?
  • Using the networking skills we teach in Six-Minute Networking, how do you actively develop new contacts?
  • When your current job was able to accommodate your needs in order to retain you, you had to renege on another job offer you had already accepted. How do you reach out to make peace and mend a bridge you never intended to burn?
  • When you have an estranged parent who has only lied to you and disappointed you over the course of your entire life, how should you take their disclosure of a personal tragedy?
  • After graduation, you’ll have three months until you start your full-time job. Should you use the money you’ve saved up through college to travel for those three months, or should you use it to pay your student loans?
  • You work in an office full of people who share political views that widely differ from your own. Should you put up with it quietly, offer your counterpoints, just pretend to agree with them to avoid friction, or look for a new job entirely?
  • When you live in a country overrun by state-driven propaganda, what’s the best way to stay informed of real current events so you can critically weigh the evidence and formulate your own views?
  • Recommendation of the Week: Three Identical Strangers
  • Quick shoutout to everyone who joined us at our live event in Las Vegas for Advanced Human Dynamics!
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