Mary Lou Jepsen (@mljmljmlj) and Rob Reid (@Rob_Reid) discuss giant holograms, affordable life-saving medical imaging for all, telepathy, and a future when devices read images directly from our brains.

What We Learn from Mary Lou Jepsen and Rob Reid:

  • Mary Lou Jepsen’s MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) alternative that will save countless lives by being affordable to all.
  • Why Mary Lou’s multidisciplinary background makes her uniquely qualified to bring such a revolutionary medical breakthrough to light.
  • How this technology will more accurately hone in on early stage cancer, detect clogged arteries in time to prevent strokes, identify pregnancy complications, and much more.
  • Ways this technology might be applied in the future to make telepathy possible.
  • Why you should subscribe to Rob Reid’s After On podcast if spooky science like this is right up your ally.
  • And much more…

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Mary Lou Jepsen of Openwater is a technical executive and inventor in the fields of display, imaging, and computer hardware with over 200 patents under her belt. In this episode, she joins After On’s Rob Reid to discuss life-saving technology she’s working on today and mind-reading technology that will be possible in the not-too-distant world of tomorrow. Make sure to stay tuned for the conversation between Rob and Jordan at the end!

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