Philip McKernan (@PhilipMcKernan) is a speaker, filmmaker, and author of One Last Talk: Why Your Truth Matters and How to Speak It and Rich On Paper Poor On Life: 3 Paths To More Meaning (And Money).

What We Discuss with Philip McKernan:

  • Do you rarely follow the life advice you’d give — without hesitation — to others?
  • Why doing what you’re good at isn’t always a match for what makes you feel good.
  • How honest vulnerability (not dinner party oversharing) helps you gain insight into what makes you tick and gives your life meaning.
  • Why people travel thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars for clarity about their own situation they don’t actually want.
  • The deep lessons you can learn about yourself in 15 minutes from Philip’s One Last Letter exercise.
  • And much more…

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One Last Talk: Why Your Truth Matters and How to Speak It by Philip McKernanDid you fall into your current line of work simply because you showed an early aptitude for some aspect of what it takes to get the job done? Perhaps you became an accountant because teachers throughout your school years told you were good with numbers. Maybe you’re a dentist because it’s what your father did when you were growing up and your lifelong familiarity with the lingo put you next in line to run the family business. But just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you’re obligated to make it your livelihood if it doesn’t fulfill you in some way.

On today’s episode, One Last Talk: Why Your Truth Matters and How to Speak It author Philip McKernan will help you discover what you could be doing with your life tomorrow if what you’re doing to earn a paycheck today just isn’t making you happy. A note to the skeptical: this isn’t a “follow your passion” pep talk, but an honest and actionable call to action that opens your field of options instead of just telling you what you think you want to hear. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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More About This Show

If you’re not doing what you love for a living, you’ve possibly pondered alternatives that center around some kind of passion — whether it’s one you’ve had your whole life or one that remains undiscovered — at the prompting of some half-baked self-help guru’s new best-seller. But if you actually want to move away from your current career and find one that truly satisfies you in some way rather than just fantasizing about it, what if this is the wrong approach entirely?

“We’re in a world today that’s obsessed with finding its passion, finding purpose, understanding what people want to do when they grow up.” says Philip McKernan, author of One Last Talk: Why Your Truth Matters and How to Speak It. “And I think to some extent, there’s a part of it that we’re obsessing too much about it. You go back to cave drawings thousands of years ago. There’s not a cave drawing or any writing that’s ever been discovered that man obsessed around passion or purpose. They got up in the morning, they went…killed animals, they found food, they came back, they fed themselves, their family, they tried to keep themselves warm, and they reproduced — and that was it. Maybe we’ve evolved. Maybe we’ve gone backwards; I don’t know. But I think to some extent we often know the things we need to do.”

Philip relays a discussion he had with someone recently on track to build what seemed like a sound, sustainable business. The only problem: this aspiring entrepreneur was building this business in a city he admittedly hated with the idea that he could eventually make enough money to leave. But as most people who follow this line of logic discover, this is just laying down a trap from which — as time goes on — it gets ever more difficult to escape.

If you build a business in a city you hate, you’ve got to put down roots in that place. Maybe you buy a house there, which comes with its own set of expenses. Maybe you get married and build a family there. Your business could be thriving, but there will always be something eating into the profits you once intended as your escape fund.

“I’m sitting in front of a guy; he thinks X is the problem,” says Philip. “We start to focus on Y; he gets very uncomfortable. I said, ‘By the way, when you leave this room, just watch the pattern. You’re going to want to do something — you’re going to want to spend money which will rationalize and justify, in your brain, that you shouldn’t make the leap to something of more meaning in your life.’ And he said, ‘It’s so funny, because last night my wife and I discussed building an extension onto our home. It’ll cost us a lot of money, and that nest egg — which has a degree of freedom around it — will be gone!’”

Listen to this episode in its entirety to learn more about other ways we lock ourselves into lives we don’t love leading, how we rarely follow the life advice we’d give without hesitation to others, how to give yourself permission to do what you really want to do with your life, why the terrible time you’re living through today might be the blessing in disguise that prompts you to make much-needed changes, how almost dying (twice) woke Philip up in ways no other experience could, the difference between false and authentic vulnerability, passion versus excitement, and much more.


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