Spencer Greenberg (@SpencrGreenberg) is a mathematician, entrepreneur, and founder of Clearer Thinking, a website that trains people to overcome their own biases and make better decisions rationally.

What We Discuss with Spencer Greenberg:

  • Common logical fallacies and concepts like black and white thinking, cherry picking, straw man arguments, and the typical mind fallacy.
  • How these logical fallacies can be so powerfully persuasive even in the face of contrary evidence, and why they inhibit our thinking and keep us from getting closer to the truth.
  • How to spot cognitive bias in ourselves and others — and in the sources we choose to inform us about the outside world.
  • How we can improve our critical thinking, cut through these faulty arguments and biases, and separate fact from fiction with logic over emotion.
  • Practical tools that allow us to cultivate clearer thinking for these often cloudy times.
  • And much more…

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Worksheet for This Episode
The skill of noticing bad logic, misleading arguments, and invalid evidence is extremely important. This skill not only helps you avoid being misled by others, but when used properly, it helps you avoid misleading yourself.

In this episode, Spencer Greenberg of Clearer Thinking shares numerous free training tools we can use to improve our own critical thinking and eliminate bias to improve the decision-making powers at our disposal. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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Resources from This Episode:

Worksheet for This Episode

Download Worksheet for Cultivating Clearer Thinking for Cloudy Times

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