Steven Hassan (@CultExpert) is a licensed mental health counselor who has been educating the public about mind control, brainwashing, and destructive cults since 1976. He’s the author of Combating Cult Mind Control: The Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults and the founder of the Freedom of Mind Resource Center. This is part one of a two-part episode. Check out part two here!

What We Discuss with Steven Hassan:

  • How to use Steven’s BITE model to tell if you or someone you love is involved in a destructive cult through control of behavior, information, thought, and emotion.
  • The four types of destructive cults most prevalent today: commercial, religious, political, and self-help.
  • How cults have weaponized the Internet and social media to fill their ranks and thrive as never before possible.
  • Why it’s the people who believe themselves immune to (i.e., too smart for) cult indoctrination who are most at risk of being targeted and recruited.
  • How Steven has refined Ted Patrick’s invasive cult deprogramming tactics of the ’70s into a more effective strategic interactive approach.
  • And much more…

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Combating Cult Mind Control: The Guide to Protection, Rescue and Recovery from Destructive Cults by Steven HassanThe Branch Davidians. The Manson Family. The People’s Temple. Boko Haram. ISIS. Al-Qaeda. Heaven’s Gate. NXIVM. Scientology. The Unification Church. The Children of God. The Rajneesh Movement. What do these organizations have in common? They’re all destructive cults that have employed mind control, brainwashing, parental alienation, estrangement, unethical hypnosis, abusive relationships, human trafficking, multi-level marketing, violent extremism, and other forms of undue influence to recruit, subvert, and dominate their members.

On this episode we talk to Steven Hassan, a licensed mental health counselor who has been helping people exit destructive cults since 1976 — following his own departure from Sun Myung Moon’s infamous Unification Church. As a former insider, he understands how these cults captivate even society’s smartest and most resilient using some of the oldest psychological tricks in the book — and he’ll help us protect ourselves and others from their pervasive reach. Steven is the author of Combating Cult Mind Control: The Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults and founder of the Freedom of Mind Resource Center. Listen, learn, and enjoy! This is part one of a two-part episode. Check out part two here!

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The Influence Continuum from The BITE Model

The BITE Model


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