Podcast Talking Points


  • Mid-roll: 60 seconds


  • FOCUS ON THE PODCAST. (Not the website, etc.)
  • Speak about the value The Jordan Harbinger Show has to your listener base as fans of your own show.
  • Include this unique URL/code: jordanharbinger.com/subscribe (and refer to the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.)
  • EXAMPLE: “Search for The Jordan Harbinger Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, wherever you listen to podcasts, or go to jordanharbinger.com/subscribe
  • The Jordan Harbinger Show is an Apple Top 50 podcast and was among Apple’s “Best of 2018” as well.
  • The Jordan Harbinger Show is packed with wisdom in the truest sense of the word from how to read body language and nonverbal communication, network, and negotiate.
    • [Note: These next two points are especially important for helping people get a feel for the show.]
      • Topics covered on the show include: An FBI hostage negotiator teaches us how to get people to like and trust you; neuroscientists and Navy SEALs tell us how to develop resilience and mental toughness.
      • Not to mention amazing stories from people who have lived them — from crazy kidnapping stories and going undercover as a CIA agent to illusionists who can seemingly program our brains — basically anything that will help you upgrade your brain so you can become a high-performer both at home and at work.
  • The Jordan Harbinger Show studies field-tested psychological principles from special forces, Navy SEALs, and world-class intelligence officers, then reverse-engineers those same strategies and helps you apply them to your social and professional life.
  • This is a show about truly leveling up — in life, in relationships, in friendships, at work, at home and everywhere in between. This isn’t pop psychology and superficial advice, nor BS inspiration-porn; this is a show that offers meaningful, fun, life-changing insights with a practical edge so listeners can apply something right out of the box, every show, every day.
  • In fact, every episode has worksheets so you can make sure you’re internalizing and applying what you learn from the guests.


[Note: I never want to constrain the host, as they know what’s best. This type of read works great as a CTA, so I appreciate the host getting as close as possible to it or something like it. Thank you!]

You deserve to be extraordinary. Search for The Jordan Harbinger Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts and start taking your life to the next level.  We really enjoy this show and we think you will as well!