Gabriel Mizrahi (@GabeMizrahi) joins us for this deep dive into why the impulse for blaming other people is a phenomenon familiar to most of us, and how we can curb it in ourselves without defaulting to always taking the fall when it’s undeserved.

What We Discuss with Gabriel Mizrahi:

  • Why the externalization of blaming other people when you’re at fault robs you of being truly in control of your own life.
  • Why the internalization of blaming yourself when you’re not at fault is just as toxic as externalization.
  • How you can use the Accountability Spectrum to find an appropriate balance between externalization and internalization.
  • What true accountability requires of you and what it gives you in return.
  • The best antidote to blaming.
  • And much more…

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The instinct to blame is a toxic pattern. It deprives us of our agency, weakens our relationships, causes dysfunction in our workplaces, and creates inertia across our lives. We need to see blame for what it is, and we need a new way to reframe it so that we can better understand how and when to appropriately take responsibility in our dynamics.

In this episode, we dive deep with Gabriel Mizrahi to examine how we fall into the pattern of blaming other people for our own mistakes and, just as often, take ownership of problems that are really bigger than our sphere of control. We’ll see what it takes to operate with true accountability and set a tone, standard, and operating procedure for navigating life’s challenges. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

To dive even deeper into striking the appropriate balance along the Accountability Spectrum between externalization and internalization, make sure to read this episode’s companion article here: How to Stop Blaming Other People When Things Go Wrong by Jordan Harbinger.

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Worksheet for This Episode

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