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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Are you a square if you think your casual love triangle has devolved into nothing more than a crossed line?
  • Your wedding guest list is getting out of control. How can you maintain the desired intimacy of a smaller gathering and keep the budget in line without offending anyone?
  • If epilepsy keeps you from driving, how can you overcome feeling like a nuisance to your friends and family — and how do you work around it for potential dates?
  • You’re feeling a little overwhelmed from having so many irons in the fire, but you need to keep the momentum going to support your family. What are some healthy ways to regain a sense of balance?
  • How do you calm your mind from acute stress when something happens and you can’t stop thinking about it?
  • Some of the hardships you’ve endured and
    conquered still embarrass you. How can you own and include them in the story you share with others?
  • Your boss constantly overshares and vents personal issues to you, which is draining and counterproductive. How can you establish appropriate boundaries without causing workplace friction?
  • Due to your best friend’s recent string of bad luck, you feel your relationship shifting from an equal footing to a mentor-mentee situation. How can you keep your ego in check to regain balance while still being supportive?
  • Recommendation of the Week: The Clinton Affair
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