Jason Khalipa (@JasonKhalipa) is a CrossFit Games world champion, the founder of NCFIT, and author of As Many Reps As Possible.

What We Discuss with Jason Khalipa:

  • You don’t have to start out with “The Right Stuff” to accomplish great things.
  • Is your confidence earned or perceived?
  • Are you surrounding yourself with the right connections to succeed?
  • Are you just talking about the things you want to do, or are you taking actionable steps to accomplish them?
  • Can you take a joke and use it to make your life better? Jason Khalipa has — and he can tell you how.
  • And much more…

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As Many Reps As Possible by Jason KhalipaIf you’re a late bloomer, you may have looked with envy upon your more focused peers who got an earlier leg up on fulfilling their life’s dreams. And if you’ve fallen into the trap of comparing your own accomplishments against theirs, you may think your relatively slow pace is some kind of uncorrectable character defect.

On this episode, we talk to NCFIT founder, CrossFit Games world champion, and As Many Reps As Possible author Jason Khalipa — one of the last people who might come to mind if you’re trying to imagine what a late bloomer looks like. Nevertheless, Jason shows us what he did to turn from slacker to procrastination attacker. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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Worksheet for This Episode

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