Mike Posner (@MikePosner) is a musician, poet, record producer, and singer-songwriter responsible for hits like Cooler Than Me and I Took a Pill in Ibiza.
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What We Discuss with Mike Posner:

  • Can two grown men who went to rival high schools as teenagers make nice on a podcast?
  • How experiencing fame and fortune forced Mike Posner to reexamine his values — and why he’s glad it happened to him early in life.
  • How Mike’s lifestyle changed from a focus on fame, money, and materialism to one centered around self-care, creativity, and motivation.
  • Why Mike looks at success and failure as waves that tend to follow one another — not states of guaranteed permanence.
  • Is Mike walking from sea to shining sea on his own two feet in an effort to prove that this Groves Falcon is way better than any Seaholm Maple could ever be?
  • And much more…

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I’ve always wondered what it’s like to hit widespread fame and fortune early on in life, and today’s guest, Mike Posner, has done just that. He’s written hits such as I Took a Pill in Ibiza, which has billions of plays on various platforms. He’s also written for other artists from Maroon 5 to Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg to Avicii.

But fame has had an interesting effect on Mike. Once he got it, he realized he didn’t need it, and ended up in a bit of a funk that motivated him to change his entire life from how he lived to what he valued — and, perhaps more important, what he didn’t value any longer. Now he’s taking a break from the limelight for a 3,000-mile walk across the United States. Why? Listen to, learn from, and enjoy this episode to find out!

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More About This Show

In spite of going to a rival high school in my home town, there’s no denying that Mike Posner is a nice guy. Which is why I feel bad that he’s had to delay his planned walk across the United States until his broken pinkie toe can heal. He explains this coast-to-coast trek has been on his bucket list forever, and recent deaths among family and friends have reminded him that it’s easy to let such lists go unfinished without applying some sense of urgency to their completion.

“It’ll take eight, nine months-ish,” says Mike, “but there’s no real way to tell…from Asbury Park, New Jersey — the Atlantic Ocean — to Venice Beach, California — the Pacific Ocean.”

This undertaking was blessed by none other than Tom “Run, Forrest! Run!” Hanks, himself — who by some serendipitous turn of events happened to be attending a party where Mike wound up one night.

“He said: ‘That’s just great!’ It’s destined for success now.”

Listen to this episode in its entirety to learn more about how Mike feels about writing music for other artists versus writing for himself, the upside of not being as famous as many of his friends, why Mike chose not to pursue a career in hip hop in spite of dominating many a rap battle in his day, how Mike arrived at finding his own unique musical style, what Mike did to gain publicity traction when he was just starting out, how honest criticism from Kanye West inspired rather than discouraged Mike to make more music, how Jay Z ruined Mike’s academic aspirations, further details of Mike’s casual 3,000-mile stroll across the United States, and much more.


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