Naveen Jain (@naveen_jain_ceo) is an entrepreneur driven to solve global grand challenges through innovation. He is the founder of Moon Express, Viome, Bluedot, TalentWise, Intelius, and InfoSpace, and the co-author of Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance.

What We Discuss with Naveen Jain:

  • How Naveen and his siblings all became wildly successful professionals in spite of growing up financially and educationally underprivileged.
  • How to know when a billionaire really becomes successful.
  • Why it’s the thought processes — not the habits — of highly successful people you should be emulating if you want to succeed.
  • Why Naveen believes sustainability is not sustainable, and why we have to create more of what we need rather than consume less of what we have.
  • What moonshots are, and how they make seemingly impossible goals achievable.
  • And much more…

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Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance by Naveen Jain and John SchroeterIf you believe everything you see in the news these days, you’re probably anxious about the end being very nearly nigh. Our climate’s in shambles, our ravenous consumption of finite resources is unsustainable, and we’re overpopulating our planet so quickly that soon we’ll only have room to sleep standing up. But Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance co-author Naveen Jain is here to show us how humanity is actually well on the way to outthinking these catastrophes.

In this episode we talk about what separates visionaries who have the capacity to solve problems from the entrepreneurs who bring these solutions to market, what moonshots are and how they make audacious goals achievable, why it’s the thought processes of highly successful people you should emulate rather than their habits if you want to succeed, and what Naveen believes is the true solution to addressing the unsustainable. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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More About This Show

To Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance co-author and serial entrepreneur Naveen Jain, entrepreneurship isn’t about starting businesses as much as it is about solving problems.

“I divide human beings into three types of people: people who think of a problem — every one of us is really good about that, so let’s call them human beings. People who are really smart and come up with a solution to that problem, we call them visionaries. And there’s only one group of people who go and say, ‘Let’s go solve that problem’ — those are the entrepreneurs.”

Listen to this episode in its entirety to learn more about why Naveen advocates quitting your day job if you’re serious about pursuing an entrepreneurial ambition (we — and Naveen’s wife — still advise erring on the side of caution, but he does make some interesting points worth hearing out), how the course of Naveen’s life in the United States was set in motion by acing a test he only took to annoy his friend, how to know when a billionaire has really arrived at success, why Naveen believes we have to create more of what we need rather than consume less of what we have, why intellectual curiosity trumps IQ and how to develop it, and much more.


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Worksheet for This Episode

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