Arthur Brooks (@arthurbrooks) is a social scientist, Washington Post columnist, president of the American Enterprise Institute, and author of Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.

What We Discuss with Arthur Brooks:

  • Why happiness relies on being mindful of what you have right now instead of comparing yourself to others who have what you want.
  • A disheartening statistic: One in six Americans has stopped talking to a family member or close friend entirely because of politics.
  • How gratitude can be used as an anesthetic for contempt.
  • Why a healthy society elevates authoritative leaders in search of cooperation for the greater good over coercive leaders who bully their way toward short-term results.
  • Why we should commit not to be — or interact with people who hide behind being — anonymous on the Internet.
  • And much more…

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In this episode, bestselling author and social scientist Arthur Brooks joins us to talk about his latest book, Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.

If you care about how and why discourse in politics and America have changed, and how and why media figures and political pundits are using some pretty morally bankrupt tricks to get us to divide further apart and view one another with contempt, you won’t want to miss this one. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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More About This Show

According to Arthur Brooks, author of Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt, the population of the United States is more divided over politics than it’s been since The Civil War. 20 years ago, only six percent cared if their adult child married someone from the opposing political party. Now, it’s 40 percent.

And while we’re all screaming at each other over the angry maw of this division and feeding what Arthur calls a Culture of Contempt, the overwhelming majority of us don’t even desire this self-perpetuating rift or benefit from it in any meaningful way. Most of us want a return to civility in our discourse, but our collective sense of direction has been thrown off by a small percentage of the population benefiting from society’s confusion.

In this episode, Arthur presents us with five rules for subverting the Culture of Contempt as a gentle compass to guide us toward understanding — and loving — the people whom a malevolent few would have us believe are our enemies. This is a long ride, but let’s rejoice at the endless green lights along the way and arrive at the destination in celebration — together.


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