Knowing how to find a mentor is something we’ve covered in depth on this show, but what advice do we have for those of you who are answering the call and want to know how to be a good mentor? In this Feedback Friday, we’ll try to give this excellent question the answer it deserves.

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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Why has your spouse stopped calling and writing you from prison? Don’t panic! Here are no less than eight possibilities.
  • Should you send an unsolicited text to a professional in your field just because happenstance landed their number in your lap?
  • You’ve been house hunting for six months, beaten in acceptance offers three times, and you’re burning out. What’s our advice for keeping your chin up?
  • What kind of problems can arise when college-age friends decide to become roommates? Let us count the (potential) ways!
  • You want to up your metaphor game from Candy Land to chess. Here’s a strategy to expedite your victorious cry of “checkmate!”
  • Your employer wants to start a podcast with you taking lead. How should you intelligently approach the compensation side of negotiation?
  • Your significant other’s mother is a paranoid narcissist who is trying to pull you apart. How can you loosen her grip on your beloved?
  • Thanks to being a long-time listener, you know how to find a mentor. But how do you ensure you’re a good mentor when people come seeking your help?
  • Life Pro Tip: If you want to give your future child a unique or random name, consider making it their middle name.
  • Recommendation of the Week: Last Breath
  • Quick shout out to The World Wanderer!
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